Later today evening time NASA will stamp the nearly one year commemoration of the sheltered arriving of its Curiosity Rover on the surface of Mars. In the days (or sols, as they are approached Mars) since its mind boggling sky-crane touchdown, Curiosity has made revelations that demonstrate the presence of great conditions for microbial life billions of years prior, including proof of an antiquated streambed. It’s likewise made critical estimations of the risky levels of radioactivity, which will offer planners some assistance with preparing for future kept an eye on missions to Mars. By the numbers: Curiosity has sent us more than 190 gigabits of information, returned more than 72,000 pictures, and discharged more than 75,000 laser shots to explore the piece of targets. The wanderer is currently advancing toward the base of Mount Sharp, where it will examine lower layers of a mountain that ascents four kilometers from the floor of Gale Crater.