The New Era Space Race

On one side: Elon Musk, originator of SpaceX (and Tesla Motors), sponsored by Google. On the other: Musk’s companion Greg Wyler, originator of OneWeb, upheld by Virgin Galactic guardian organization The Virgin Group and its capricious tycoon organizer Richard Branson.

The prize: the opportunity to offer rapid satellite web associations with the billions of individuals all through the world who don’t yet have entry—and in the process turn into a worldwide information transfers organization to adversary goliaths like Comcast and Verizon. What’s more, in Musk’s psyche, the chance to offer web access to Martian settlers, when the time comes.

Before the end of last month, as initially reported by DCInno, SpaceX documented an application with the Federal Communications Commission to start testing such a framework. Lamentably, the thought of modest, pervasive fast satellite Internet may be pretty much as science anecdotal as Musks’ fantasies of planetary movement.